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Simple reviews

$ 25
* Limited Time Offer
  • I want to monitor my guest reviews
  • I occasionally receive reviews
  • I do not need to check my competitors reviews
Superior Review Tracking

$ 40
* Limited Time Offer
  • I want to aggressively monitor reviews
  • I need to check my competitor's reviews (1 free).
    $ 5 per additional competitor.
  • I occasionally collect email ids and want to request reviews from my customers

  • Plus, covers everything in Basic.
Advanced Review Tracking

$ 60
* Limited Time Offer
  • I have different types of properties (hotels, restaurants, fast food, bars, etc.)
  • I need to track more competitors (upto 5 free).
    $ 5 per additional competitor.
  • I need advance reporting.
  • I need multiple users
  • I need review comments tracking by my managers

  • Plus, covers everything in Basic+.
Advanced Review Tracking
$ 60
$ 40
* Limited Time Offer
$ 1000 monthly minimum
  • I have properties over many different locations
  • I need many users each with access to different sets of properties
  • I need advanced analytics by property types, region/city/ state/country, etc.
  • I might need special help to customize my environment.
  • I might need a dedicated account manager.

  • Plus, covers everything in Deluxe.

This is a limited time offer. All prices are per property per month. Offer valid on 12 month advance payment. You can cancel anytime without any obligation. Refund will be pro-rated. Product features & pricing

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