Replying to Reviews on TripAdvisor Helps Hotels Maintain No. 1 Rating

By TrackNGrow  

One of the key responsiblities of Hotel Management staff is to ensure constant monitoring of their hotels reviews on key online portals. This not only enables them to see what their customer feel about the hotel's service but also give them a chance to respond to any major guest concerns. A Four Seasons hotels in Austin, Texas was able to boost its popularity ranking on TripAdvisor up by 26 positions to attain a No. 1 ranking by doing exactly that - monitor and respond. They were able to do so by constantly keep on eye on their guest feedback and respond to reviews on a timely manner.

Online reviews could be available in a host of sites including TripAdvisor,,, Yelp and 10 other major travel & review portals. Knowing about the exact location of the feedback in a timely manner helps the hotel to respond to reviews within the company's timeline for action.

Easy Review Monitoring

Many of the top hotels use one or more online review monitoring tools to make it easy to keep track of guest reviews. These tools keeps a watch on major travel & review sites. Many tools allow instant alerting upon receiving a negative review. Some of the best tools allow management to keep track of competition reviews.

See how replying to TripAdvisor reviews keeps the Four Seasons No.1 in the city.

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Replying to Reviews on TripAdvisor Helps Hotels Maintain No. 1 Rating