What is Track N Grow?

TrackNGrow is a review monitoring and reputation management tool for businesses with one or more properties. TrackNGrow uses proprietary technologies to crawl and gather information from the web, to extract information in large volumes and analyze reviews from sites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google, and other community based review sites. TrackNGrow also enables businesses to manage their online presence with the help of several tools and tutorials.

TrackNGrow brings all your reviews from many different places into one single webpage. It makes your job easy by keeping it simple and meaningful. It helps you to keep an eye on your competition. It helps your to grow your online presence. It also guides you to keep up with changing technologies and maintain your online reputation. In short, it strives to help companies monitor, maintain and grow their online reputation.

Our Story

TrackNGrow story began in 2004 when we started doing business with over 2500+ hotels by providing an online booking platform for them. Partnering with these hotels and dealing with customers who booked through our platform gave us a tremendous learning opportunity in terms of service and customer experience. The thousands of reviews we collected every year on through our platform helped us understand major issues and customer concerns. Over a period of time, it also helped us understand how online reviews and opinions of hotel guests was shaping the hotel industry. The reviews became more and more important as more people rely on OTAs and internet to book their travel.

So, we decided to build a platform for hotels to consolidate reviews from different places on the internet and see it all in one place.

Our experience with Business Intelligence and Data Mining is helping us share the above information in a more meaningful way.

Meet the Team

Meet the team

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