Request Reviews

Build a stronger online reputation with more reviews of your property. Request your most satisfied customers to provide feedback about their experience with your business.

Positively grow your online presence with this easy-to-use feature.

Build Up Your Online Reputation - Increase Your Review Counts & Quality

Invite your most satisfied customers to write you a review

Get as many reviews as you can on a variety of websites.
  • Both Quantity and Quality of reviews matters
  • More reviews means increased credibility
  • 80% of potential customers read reviews before choosing you
  • Stay ahead of the competition. You competitors are aggressively working on it.
  • Improve you search rank
  • Reviews on more sites mean greater future growth potential
Both Quantity and Quality of reviews matters. Google search results shows overall rating and number of reviews on tripadvisor.

Key Features

  • Send "review request" emails easily & quickly
  • Upload bulk emails (from CSV files)
  • Reuse saved emails for promotional campaigns
  • Pre-defined templates - Customize and save according to your need