Review Monitoring

"Two-third of online hotel bookers read and compare reviews of multiple hotels before finalize a booking" - Hotel Bookers

"80% of customers reverse their purchase decision after reading a negative review online" - Cone Research

75% customers read reviews before making an online booking

Monitoring your business reviews and reputation is just minutes away. Create a login and add your property's name and address. That's it! We will instantly start gathering reviews from the internet. Within a few minutes your will receive an email confirmation after which you will be able to view your reviews.
  • Check your reviews from 20+ websites.
  • Quickly add competitors and compare their reviews.
  • Reports - Reliable and accurate reports and trend charts will show your progress.
  • Easily request reviews from your guests.
  • Mobile alerts make negative review tracking easy.
  • Stay up-to-date with how-to techniques from industry experts.
  • Best of all, we make it super easy.

Responding to Reviews

"In a 2012 survey by TripAdvisor, 57% responded that they are more likely to book a hotel that has managers who respond to online reviews." - USA Today
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Competition Analysis

Keep an eye on your competition. It is no more just about how good you are doing. Online customers compare who has the best reviews before they purchase a product or book a hotel online. So, we enable businesses to monitor your competition.

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